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ToA: Spirit Princess by jiru-chan ToA: Spirit Princess by jiru-chan

Name: Wisp aka Spirit Princess (SP)

Age: 20-ish
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"

Species: Will-O-Wisp
Job: Princess of the Cryptic Kingdom and Paranormal Researcher

Personality: The first impression Wisp leaves truly depends on where one meets her. Within her own Kingdom she must behave in a very proper manner, due to her father's wishes. In such occasions she is soft spoken, polite and speaks in a sophisticated manner. Occasionally, if she believes her father isn't watching, she laxes back into her true persona with is more along the lines of a somewhat lazy but excitable nerd. (She has been known to throw parties when her father is out of town. Loud music, dancing and a good amount of chaos are musts.)

Outside the Kingdom walls and the watchful eyes of her father, Wisp truly shines as her own being. She's free spirited and loves to study anything that seems weird or unnatural. She loves to pull a good spook on others, always finding amusement in the look of shock or surprise on her target's face. When she's fully invested in an idea she becomes rather excited about it, and driven to see it through to the end. (A common problem for the Kingdom, the princess vanishing for days at a time in pursuit of her latest interest.)

It's important to note that she is a nocturnal type. Not that she won't be up and about during the daytime now and then, but in those cases she's usually drained and lacking enthusiasm about anything. A lover of the night life, she knows of a few fun places to go out and party the night away. If one manages to get on her good side, they may even get an invite to her favorite Scary-oke get away.

Over all she had a pretty stable temperament. That's not to say she doesn't get upset or angry, but more that her moods tend to change normally rather than in rapid swings. But if angered, she will not hesitate to speak her mind and/or seek vengeance on the source. A good indicator that she had been upset, her eyes seem to glow and her wispy hair will flare up wildly.

Generally speaking, Wisp is a free spirit that is sometimes restricted by her role. However she is a fun loving type, a little nerdy and really just wants to be herself and explore the many places if Ooo.

Likes: Night time, Strange and unusual things, Exploring, Good dance music, Floating (it comes with the spirit territory), Spooking others, Good senses of humor

Dislikes: Being woken up, Having to be proper, Boring political meetings/galas/parties, Overly serious types, Being asked if she's dead. (Sorry but she was born that way), Silence

History: The Cryptic Kingdom original was two different kingdoms that resided side by side, a small river dividing the two lands. The western kingdom was know as the Myth Kingdom and the Eastern was known as the Lore Kingdom. Essentially they were the same. The beings living in the two places were often called the same things but looked very different. For example, in the west a dragon had wings, breathed fire, and looked as if it came from a fairy tale about knights. But in the east, they were long wingless creatures, that seemed to snake through the sky and appeared very unique and exotic. So though they kingdoms seems to be the same, they were in fact very different, especially in their traditions and ways. However they were peaceful with one another and existed as nothing more then neighbors.

When the Princess and Prince of the two lands fell in love and eventually married they combined the two into what is now known as the Cryptic Kingdom. They felt the name suited the general idea of the land, a place that housed beings straight out of myths, legends and even a good old campfire ghost story. They even mixed the various traditions of the two making the kingdom a mix of exotic and old world charm. And thus when Wisp was born she became the first princess of this kingdom.

She grew up raised by only her father, her mother having passed away not long after she was born. According to the kingdom record, the queen had fallen ill and a cure couldn't be found in time. Her father told her many stories of her mother and often compared her to the woman, saying his wife was much more free spirited than he was. Being a man strict about tradition, the young princess was raised to be a refined and proper young lady. Manner lessons, fancy dresses, quiet actives and political affairs were constantly part of her daily life. And though her father tried to mold her into such, as she grew her own personality continued to surface and butt heads with his ideals. Such is why Wisp developed two personalities; a front that she puts up around her father that is quiet and refined, and her real self that comes out when she's away from his prying eyes.

Her early teen years is where her mischievous side truly began to grow. She enjoyed sneaking around the castle and scaring visitors and workers. And she soon began sneaking out to explore the kingdom. Curious as she was she would get fixated on something and follow it through until she felt she knew enough. This led to many panics as she sometimes went missing, and when she found she'd face her angry father. a lecture and being confined to the castle for extended periods of time. That didn't stop her though, and her father soon had to accept that his little girl was going to continue to go out and even vanish from time to time.

Currently she continues her habits, going out and exploring, always eager to learn new things, especially weird and unusual things. Her father is trying to pressure her into finding a suitor though, as he is still driven by his ways. He hopes that maybe finding such would slower her down and help mold her into what he wants, a proper and refined daughter.

Additional Info:
- She has a pet, Bozu, the Ghost Sheet. Not the smartest creature, it's often found chewing on things and bumbling around. Wisp says his name came from her mispronouncing the word bozo when she was little and tried to point out how dumb her pet was.
- She prefers to float around a foot or so off the ground. She can't fly, just levitate.
- She likes to think of herself as a near expert on all things strange and paranormal

RP Sample:
The coast was clear as the guards turned the corner of the long hallway and vanished into another part of the palace. The Princess smirked to herself as she quietly made her way to an exit, her bumbling pet floating along behind her. Wisp sighed and tried to shoo the creature away but it just stared at her with a blank expression. Rolling her eyes she reached into the bag she was carrying and pulled out a small notebook, she could spare one, and threw it down the hall. Like a dog after a ball Bozu hurried after it none the wiser as Wisp slipped through the door that led to the palace catacombs.

"Finally, Daddy has had me sitting in that conference all morning," she huffed to herself as she made her way down the dark tunnels that eventually led just outside the walls of the kingdom. "Lunch break... more like prison break. Now, let's see graveyards today, or maybe I should check out that weird cave I found..." Musing to herself she was off once again, much to her father's dismay. There were spooks to find!

Spirit Princess - Me
Adventure Time - Pen Ward

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