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December 16, 2011
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MH: Chiou Chin Bio by jiru-chan MH: Chiou Chin Bio by jiru-chan
Here's an official bio sheet for Chiou.

all info marked with a * has further notes at the bottom

Name: Chiou Chin
Monster Parent: Chochinobake *
Age: 16
Birthday: July 16th - Tourou Nagashi *
Character Information:
Chiou is kind for the most part. She tends to be the type that lets things roll off her. But she can only ignore and turn the other cheek for so long. When her temper is pressed she has no problem speaking her mind and using rather harsh words. It is in these times that her hair will flare up like a flame up top, her eyes look as if they are a blaze, and there appear to be flames in her mouth. These are blue in color as Chochinobake are filled with spirit flames. And once one has pushed her to that point, she does tend to hold grudges. It's not that she wants to be mean but it can be hard to earn back trust.

She can seem a bit anti-social at times as well, or disinterested in what is going on around her. It's not that she finds her peers boring but more that she feels a bit like an outsider when it comes to her interests. The typical teen draws, such as celebrities, fashion and boy talk are low on her priority list. Popularity isn't something she is too concerned with either. Because of this more often than not she has a hard time coming up with a way to contribute to conversations. And while she does her best not to show it; this does lead to her feeling lonely or left out.

Once she feels she at least on friendly terms with another, a more playful side comes out. True to her monster type, she does enjoy a good prank and causing a little mischief. It's never anything harmful or dangerous, more or less just tricks she pulls on her peers.

Chiou is a creative type who enjoys exploring different media to express herself. She doesn't really care if her art is considered “good” or not as long as she enjoyed doing it. By habit she doodles and scribbles on the margins of her papers while she thinks; and this has cost her a few points before because she's turned in messy homework.

Hobby wise she loves video games. She's the type that will play just about anything to give it a try but RPG and Action/Adventure games tend to be her favorite. She always has her hand held system in her bag. Chiou also maintains a blog where she reviews what she's played. Another hobby she enjoys is karaoke. However she doesn't like to sing in front of just anyone; only those she considers close friends would be those she'd invite. It's not that she is shy or afraid she sounds horrible, but she has a hard time accepting compliments. She's actually good at singing, but having it mentioned or pointed out makes her very uncomfortable because she doesn't want to be singled out.

School History:
Chiou's family moved which is how she ended up at Monster High. So even though her family is foreign she isn't an exchange student. Monster High is a lot different than the schools she has attended through her young life. Back where she comes from schools have uniforms, go all year round and have lots of school wide festivals. She had a small group of friends she hung out with but she spent most the time with her childhood friend who was the captain of the school's Kendo team. She showed up at all his meets to show support. She misses him the most and they keep in touch through email.

She holds some major resentment for being uprooted and forced to move. And that plays a part in some of her anti-social tendencies as well. Part of her really doesn't want to make new friends because she wants to go home. Of course she knows that isn't going to happen but a small part of her holds on to the hope that if she seems unhappy enough that perhaps her parents will let her go back and live with a friend and return to her old school.

Academic wise she is a pretty good student. Her grades tend to be As and Bs but that doesn't mean she hasn't bombed a few tests before. She struggles with math classes, having a hard time getting a grasp on the formulas. Chiou is the type that likes to learn hands on rather than just copying and applying equations. Classes with a creative or experimental component tend to be her best classes.

Name: Bo-Kun
Species: Teru Teru Bozu *
A playful and troublemaker, Bo-kun is Chiou's faithful companion. He has a bit of an attitude but is a “mama's” boy at heart and loves to cuddled and held by his owner. He's still a young spirit and therefore doesn't have full use of his rain calling abilities, but he likes to think he does. So it's not surprising that even if he wishes to bring on a down pour it's more like just standing under a sprinkler. He has been known to drench others making a wet mess out of their favorite outfits. Chiou scolds him but usually only after laughing because she finds it funny.

* Chochinobake are Japanese monsters. They are paper lanterns that upon reaching 100 years of age come to life with spirit fire. Typically mischievous spirits they rather prank people than cause harm. They are depicted in a variety of ways, most common is either with one large eye and a long tongue or two fiery eyes with flames coming from its mouth; this style usually includes the long tongue as well.

* Obon is a Japanese festival honoring the dead. Depending on the area of Japan it is either held July 13-16th or August 13-16th. Either way the final day of the festival is the night of the Lantern Float known as Tourou Nagashi. Chochin lanterns are floated down rivers as a guide for the spirits that came to visit during the festival.

* Appearance Inspiration : Chiou's outfit is based on a mix of traditional and street fashion elements. This is often referred to as “wa” which means giving modern twists to classic styles. In her case she has a kimono style dress with pleated skirt piece. Her shorts are suppose to mimic the shape of paper lanterns. Her boots are a cross with a modern style but with Geta heels. The overall color scheme comes from paper lanterns, which are usually red and black, or red and a natural rice paper yellow. As for her hair and skin coloring, spirit fire is usually depicted in blue, and since spirit fire is said to fuel the haunted lanterns, she was colored to mimic blue flames coming from inside a lantern.

* Teru Teru Bozu are little toys children in Japan make to hopefully ward of rain. However there are stories of living little spirits that may have inspired the look of the dolls children make. It is said that if one hangs a Teru Teru Bozu by the window at night then good weather should come the next day. Supposedly the little spirits can bring showers and if they see a doll hanging up it makes them happy and so they bring good weather instead.

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Template for Bio: [link]
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Chiou, Kaze and Bo-kun - Me
Monster High - Mattel
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